Add Your Own “Story Behind the Covers”

Have you used any of my classes to help you reach your publishing goals?

‚ÄčTell your story using the form and prompts below. While telling your story, remember that readers won't see the questions.

Remember that readers will only see your answers, not the questions. Take a moment to read just your answers in order to make sure your story reads the way you want it to.

Author pictures show up with Gravatar automatically. If you don't have one, you can set one up using the link above (opens in a separate page).

Your full name can be either your real name or if you publish under a pseudonym, the pseudonym that appears on your covers. When linking to your site, if you write +18 fiction, only use the link to your gate page.

‚ÄčI won't publish stories that don't include your email address. If I have questions or problems (downloading your cover art, for instance) I have to be able to reach you.

By the way, you don't have to answer all the questions. They're just prompts. The first content box is required, but you can put anything you want to say in there. Feel free to skip any questions that don't apply.

Where were you with your writing before you found my classes?
Which classes did you use, and how did they help you get published?
What was your single biggest breakthrough or most exciting writing discovery?
What have you published since. (You can list all your titles if you'd like, or group by series.)
Any recommendations for other writers?
Links to up to five covers for your pubilshed work that I have your permission to add to your story.

Story Statement: I understand that by submitting my story, I give permission to use it and the associated images and links on the Stories Behind the Covers section, in the shop, on the site front page, or elsewhere for the purposes of promoting the site, and affirm that my story is true, and that I am not being paid to provide it, nor will I receive compensation for its use in the future.