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Mike currently lives in north central Texas and admits to being a COBOL programmer, technical analyst, and IT generalist. In his copious spare time, he writes and explores alternative worlds. Somewhere along the way, he THINKS he has learned a bit. He also sharpens knives (and wits). Some of his online ramblings are found at Black Eagle Wizards Den.

More Than Moans and Clanks

Improving Un-fleshed Undead in Fiction      “I swear, Culbertson, there was something there.”      “But what was it, old man? There is no trace of foot or paw in the dust, no sign of passage in the cobwebs for any exit other than the one we stand in. Do you expect us to […]

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Writing “The Bones That Walk”

“There, Miss Jones, there they are — the bones that walk!” “I doubt you very much, Smythe. Why, I see nothing more than bare white bone. Where are the tendons, ligaments, or any other connective tissue? Where, I say! Why, there’s not so much as a shimmer of ectoplasm connecting THOSE bones. They float, perhaps […]

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