What’s Coming For HWC Members 2018


The last few years have been focused on site development. On getting:

  • Classrooms working
  • Classes back in place
  • The forum functioning
  • Access to classes fixed
  • The old shop replaced with a new shop
  • The broken affiliate program replaced with a top-notch program

Last year, I also worked on existing classes, doing an overhaul and update of How to Think Sideways, and doing a complete toss and rebuild of How to Write a Series. where-we're-headed

This year, while I plan to do a “canary class” update of How To Revise Your Novel, we’re finally at the point where I don’t have to focus so much of my time on site work. For me, one hour of that time is going into writing fiction every day. Some time will have to continue to go into site infrastructure, because if you own a site, that’s just how things are.


I’m considering creating one or more of the following NEW classes this year:

How to Write Strong Villains

One of the biggest mistakes I see in stories by unpublished writers is the absence of a clear, identifiable antagonist. Writers don’t want to write mustache-twirling Evil Guys, and for most stories, such characters would be inappropriate. But I’ve read a lot of first fiction, and I guarantee that a huge portion of the rejections come simply because the antagonist is just flat wrong, and that wrongness breaks the story.

How to Write a Novel

Some explanation, since in How To Think Sideways, I teach the process for building a career as a novelist, and include in the class the step-by-step instructions for building out an unending stream of novels: How to Write a Novel would teach JUST book writing. No career stuff, no marketing, no working with editors, no indie vs. commercial path instructions. This class would cover how to figure out a single story you want to tell and get the words on the page in as close to publishable form as first-draft gets. This would be a shorter and more affordable class.

How to Write Short Stories

Folks have been asking for this class for a number of years. Short stories are a good way to build your readership, whether you’re writing commercially or independently. And writing something good in the 2000 – 10,000 word range is different than writing flash fiction or writing a novel. It requires different structuring, plotting, and development techniques.

So, those classes are on the table, and you can vote for the one you want most right now. Members only.

If you’re a member, log in at Member Login.
If you’re not a member, join here for free.
Then vote on a new class here.

Kicking Holly’s Writing Classes Up Another Notch

  • This year, the HWC affiliate program will go live, with 50% commissions.
  • Finally, this year, I’m hoping to get the first site “sherpas” set up to guide students through special goal-oriented workshop versions of the Plotting, Character, Scenes, Language, Culture, and World classes.
  • The objective of the site is to help you as a writer reach your goals, whether you’re simply wanting to build a pattern of writing regularly, or whether you’re shooting for a full-time career.
  • So if there’s something not on the list of what I have planned for the year that you really want to see, please head into the forum and let me know in the Not On Your List Yet post.

See you on the inside, and write with joy this year.

Holly Lisle

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