Write Only the Good Stuff

That seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?
Clearly you don’t want to write bad stuff.

But I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read a post or a blog
or heard a writer say, “I can hardly wait to get through this
chapter so I can write the one I’m excited about.”

Have you ever been there? Found yourself dragging through a
scene you’ve told yourself just HAS to be in the story because
if it isn’t, the story won’t make sense…but you’re not having
any fun at all writing that scene. The good stuff is up ahead
somewhere, and you’re writing toward it.

Here’s a little secret. What you’re hating to write, your readers
will hate to read. If it’s dull for you–who in theory at least
love your story because it belongs to you–it’s going to be
twice as dull for them.

Your readers can only love
what you have loved first.

If you’re having a miserable time writing the scene,
stop yourself.

Look at the scene. Something is wrong with it.

Write this somewhere in front of where you write:


Write with joy,


Tell A Writer
Holly Lisle

Novelist, writing-nerd, dissector of thought processes, writing course creator and site owner here, Holly Lisle has a cat that plays fetch and a whole lotta stuff on HollyLisle.com for both readers and writers.