Writing Guidelines for Contributors

Kinds of articles I’m looking for:

  • Hands on.
    You’ve used a service, taken a class, discovered a product that is:

    • Of interest to fiction writers
    • Of USE to fiction writers
    • We have discovered the hard way that while marketing techniques and processes that work for fiction writers WILL ALSO work for nonfiction writers, the reverse is not true.
    • No marketing articles that use nonfiction as their examples will even be considered. If you haven’t tested your process successfully for your fiction, we cannot use an article about that process on the blog.
  • Personal.
    You’ve made a discovery or a breakthrough that has allowed you to make a leap in Motivation, Writing Skills, Publishing, Revision, or Fiction Marketing.
  • Objective.
    You have used whatever you’re writing about yourself and have had it work for you. More than once.
  • Reproducible.
    You can offer specific clear, simple steps that will allow an average reader with limited technical skills duplicate what you have done successfully.
  • Investigative.
    You’re not promoting a product. You’re using it as an insider and demonstrating both the good and bad points. Amazon KDP, Lulu, BookLocker, commercial publishers, book formatters, blog software, promotion services, writing software, DIY cover art software… If the writers here need to know about it, they need to know the truth. What’s great. What to watch out for. What to avoid.

I hope to eventually be able to pay professional rates for these articles, but right now, I’m on a shoestring budget, so I’m offering the best payment I can manage and backlinks to your stuff in exchange.

ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATE LINKS. I have affiliates, and any linking or forwarding could break their links to these articles. Write great, be yourself, bring your personality to the article, reference your own work by name and use it in your examples, do screenshots that include your cover art, make sure your picture of yourself is clear, well-lit, and representative of who you are now. Most importantly, have something really good to which to send the folks following your backlinks. A landing page with a great fiction freebie would be a really good start.

At the moment I’m planning four articles a month, one of which will be by me. Because that’s what the budget will allow.

If you have an idea, query to make sure someone isn’t already doing (or hasn’t already done) what you want to write.

I cannot go to contract for anything but the completed article.



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Address it to Holly_Think (copy and paste this – errors won’t reach me)


“Would you be interested in a 2000-word article about Using X service to submit books to Amazon, Google Books, Kobo…, and what went wrong when I did Y first?”