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Get Real Help.

From absolute beginner to seasoned pro, sometimes you need to find the better, faster, easier, more joyful way to do what you love and get where you want to go. 

Here you’ll find writing classes, lively discussions in forums filled with writers who WRITE, and the answer to How Do I Do That? 

Find Real Community.

This site is home to thousands of serious writers (nearly seven thousand at last count). Some are quiet. Some … aren’t.

But the members here, from beginners to regularly publishing pros, are supportive, encouraging, and excited about your success. It’s part of the code we live by: We Succeed Together.

Write. Then Publish.

The first question you’ll get here is almost always some variation of, “What are you working on?” 

Because this is what we do here.

We write. We don’t just talk about writing.

We revise. We create. And we publish.

And you can do this, too.

Here’s the thing… and it’s not a little thing. It’s a BIG thing.

You want to write, to create, to tell stories. You have this one shot at life, and you have a vision of what you want to do, and why. You can see yourself with a string of novels and stories that stretch through your future like your own personal roadmap to wonder.

But maybe somewhere along the way someone told you, “It can’t happen. You can’t do this."

Know this: Whoever told you that…lied.

You may not know everything you need to know — yet — to make your dream your truth. But you can learn, and... 

You can do this.

Ava Fairhall

"I always thought you revised a novel by starting on the first page and tweaking words until you got to the end, except every time I began I read from the start and kept tweaking words to make them perfect. I never reached the end. It didn’t help me find and fix if my story was broken either.

"Holly’s revision course showed me a saner method of revising that actually gets me through to the end with a working story and loving every word of it."

Thomas Vetter

"I met my current protagonist in Holly’s Screen Exercise, and he came out of NOWHERE. I hadn't had any inkling he existed, even though he was on my 'Sweet Spot Map' all along. He was so exciting I put aside all other projects and focused on him.

"Three hundred pages later, he proved so terrific that I planned a five-book series for him. Now, two books are published, #3 is forthcoming, and #4 is in draft.

"And it was Holly who taught me how to write and publish them.”


Janna Willard

"Learning how to write strong flash fiction has given me the ability to create complete, finished works -- something that often eludes me in my procrastination-filled, ADHD life.

"Knowing that I can create and develop new characters AND tell their stories in so few words is more fulfilling than I would have expected! And having a phenomenal, supportive community of fellow writers who offer feedback and understand what I'm dealing with when I post about my struggles is the best part of this site and these courses."


Sarah Neuendorff

"Stories captured me at a young age but the advice of others drove me to a 'real' career.

"With Holly's clear and clean instructions at the art and science of revision, as well as her other offerings, I can see my way forward into a career as an author with professional grade versions of the stories that I have been writing.

"The direct help of Holly and other people on the forums make that journey interesting and fun."

Lee Lancaster

"I had no idea how much you were going to reveal about the way you, a real honest-to-God published writer, write and come up with ideas and revise; I have always wanted to see that and you are the only one who's ever done that, that I'm aware of. :)"

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