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Holly Lisle has been a professional novelist since 1991 and author of more than 30 commercially published novels sold to HarperCollins, Avon Eos, Tor, Baen, Scholastic, Time-Warner, and more, as well as short fiction, indie-published original fiction and reprints, and many classes on writing.

She built this site to teach writers who want to write for a living how to do exactly that.

She's sold science fiction, fantasy, paranormal suspense, romantic suspense, humor, YA fantasy, and more.

She taught herself to write salable fiction, and builds her writing courses based on her own methods, teaching from her years of successful experience writing and supporting a family as a full-time novelist, and from a decidedly sideways perspective:

She was a newspaper ad rep, restaurant singer, sign painter, McDonald's counter girl, beginning guitar teacher, and — for ten years — a registered nurse before figuring out how to sell her work to major New York and international publishers. 

She has a weird sense of humor, a decidedly dirty mind, an ADN in nursing, and no degree whatsoever in literature or fiction — and in every respect but one, these facts helped rather than hurt her writing career.

The one place where they didn't help? Literary snobs don't like her. But she's okay with that.

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