Create A Culture Clinic

Create A Culture Clinic

A Step-by-Step Course in Creating Peoples and Philosophies for Fiction

QUICK COURSE DESCRIPTION: How to create a culture from scratch, or discover and use the in-depth essentials of an existing culture, from religion and philosophy, through governments and groups, to home life and taboos.

Every good story runs on the hidden assumptions, conceptions and misconceptions of at least one culture.

You are, frequently without realizing it, a partipant in dozens of cultures.

You are an observer of thousands more.

You navigate more or less successfully through MOST of these cultures by a combination of luck, good guessing, and learned understanding of body language, tone of voice, and other cues you usually don't realize you're using.

But to write fiction, you need to understand the tricks and strategies your brain manages more-or-less automatically, because what you're not aware of doing, you cannot successfully add into your fiction.


In Holly Lisle's Create A Culture Clinic, you will:

  • Develop the right elements of culture for your story and needs
  • Discover and use the conflicts built into your chararcters' lives and surroundings
  • Organize your work for easy future access (because series fiction sells)
  • Add richness, depth, and surprise to any story
  • Give yourself fascinating new storytelling avenues to explore in even the most mundane of settings
  • And much more

Build as you go, build only what you need when you need it...and start adding depth to all your work in just a day.



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Create a Culture Clinic Class



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