Create A Language ClinicHolly Lisle's Create A Language Clinic

A Step-by-Step Class in Fictional Language Creation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Language-building course aimed primarily at fiction writers who need to develop integral languages for naming, world-building, and creating plot conflicts.

  • Invent good names for your worlds, characters, and places—in fifteen minutes.

  • Create a complete working language—or just the parts you need for your story.

  • Add depth to your worldbuilding.

  • Discover new concepts your characters think and use—that don't translate into English.

  • Change the way you look at the way we all communicate, and discover the fantastic applications this has for your stories in ANY genre.

All in about five hours. 

In Create A Language Clinic, you'll learn:

  • To generate story plots from language-building or SLANG-building
  • To create a distinct sound for your language
  • To build names that fit your cultures
  • To use your languages to shape your fictional cultures and characters
  • To develop concepts that do not exist in the English language (or any other)
  • To work your languages into your fiction in ways that that will not alienate your readers
  • To create working spoken and written languages



From one new language builder:

"I was very surprised at just how easy you made the whole thing feel... compared to some of the conlang sites I've wandered around, this is the least technical explanation I've seen... and that's a GOOD thing. I was also surprised, and pleased, to begin to feel as though it really was OK to just make it up as I went along, and if I didn't like it, well, I could just change it.
The ideas of having to have rules, and then a ton of exceptions to them, and to need a reason why, well, those ideas are pretty hard to let go of. You helped me see that I wasn't really letting go of my organization and details, I was making it my own... and it could be a lot simpler and make more sense then anything that we normally deal with in language. A few words can certainly go a long ways."

Shawna Caldwell, new language builder


This book is for:

  • Novelists and other fiction writers

  • RPG Gamers, Game Masters, and Game Designers

  • Conlangers and other language enthusiasts who would like to develop languages SPECIFICALLY for use in fiction (many conlangs are completely unusable for this)

  • And anyone who ever wanted to understand HOW languages develop and work by taking one apart, and then putting a whole new one together from the pieces

CREATE A LANGUAGE CLINIC Direct includes PDF, Kindle, and ePub version, plus a link to the downloadable, printable Create A Language Clinic Worksheets included with the course



Another new language-builder says:

"Things that surprised me—probably the most important (and amazing) was that most languages are not like English! I admit, that was the main factor that kept me from trying to create a language before this—I kept thinking of English's huge vocabulary (all those synonyms! Eep!), and the grammar's zillion parts and rules and exceptions, and my mind would go blank except for this polite little flashing thought, like the computer notifying you there's been an internal error and it's going to die now, thank you, of Languages are very fun things and we enjoy using them, of course, but making up one of our own is definitely beyond our abilities. Leave it to the experts (I talk to myself in the plural, sorry).
Hard on the heels of this realization—most languages are not like English—was an even happier realization of I can do this! And it's tons of fun!
The third surprise was that I like the language I've just come up with—I've named it Brescani—so much that I want to keep developing it until it's as deep as a real language, with an extensive vocabulary and everything else I'd need to use it in the real world."
—Maigen Turner — new language builder


Create a Language Clinic Class



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