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A Step-by-Step Class in Creating Convincing Worlds for Fiction


Every Fiction Writer Builds Worlds...

You know you want to hook your readers on your fiction.

You desperately want to build a growing audience of fans who love your characters, your stories, and the world in which you set them.

But chances areunless you're a science fiction or fantasy writeryou're certain that you don't need to do any worldbuilding, because you equate building worlds with sticking a big fantasy map in the front of your book, and writing about aliens, or dwarves and elves and dragons.

The truth is, worldbuilding is the process of creating immersive fiction, of making it possible for your reader to experience the suspension of disbelief that allows him to live in your world.

Every fiction writer already worldbuilds.

Most writers simply do it badly.

Because most writers don't think they build worlds in their fiction, the worlds they build by accident:

  • break their plots
  • kill their pacing
  • destroy their conflict
  • and eliminate their characters' motivation.

By learning easy, fast techniques for creating immersive story worlds, you can be the writer whose work wins the readers you want.

How easy?

How fast?

You can build your first world in about five minutes, and I've laid out this course so you can do this just by reading and doing the short workshop in the first chapter. You'll need a single piece of paper and a pen. Open the sample from the course, and begin proving to yourself that you can worldbuild—and that constructing quick, simple, and intentional worlds will make your stories better than you ever dreamed they could be.

Test Chapter 1 Right Now For Yourself:


Download This PDF Demo and Build Your First World IN ANY GENRE IN FIVE MINUTES

  • The 301-page, 70,000-word course...
  • Divided into SANE techniques—HOW and WHY you use simple worldbuilding to develop immersive plots, conflicts, and characters in EVERY genre
  • And GEEK-DEEP techniques—HOW and WHY you go deep when your world is a character, you want to keep all your readers while switching genres, or if you are writing series fiction...

  • Comprehensive, easy-to use worksheets that allow you to organize your worlds for consistency between books, and so that you can pick up an old series and begin writing in it again

  • 11 Geek-Deep videos with additional Geek-Deep worksheets
  • 8 worldbuilding maps used by the author to create several published series (Korre, Matrin, Known Space), including five flat maps and three 3-D maps
  • Lifetime downloads of in-version course upgrades in PDF, .mobi (Kindle), and .epub formats

  • Live class forum where you can ask questions, discuss deeply geeky worldbuilding problems, or get simple answers to questions on everything from how to use your worlds in your stories in ANY GENRE, from mainstream to romance to, yes, science fiction and fantasy

  • You'll get better stories.
  • Better characters.
  • Better plots.
  • Better description.
  • Better conflict.
  • And MUCH better consistency from story to story and book to book.

Start Now.

Create a World Clinic Class



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Downloadable Example Maps, and more

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