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Writers who have purchased the following classes on  Amazon.com, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble receive the full class here, including:

  • Kindle, ePub and PDF versions of the classes,
  • in-version updates,
  • private class forum and full writing community access,
  • and permanently accessible re-downloads of the worksheets any any other included material.


  • Professional Plot Outline
  • Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love AND Money
  • Create A Character Clinic
  • Create A Plot Clinic
  • Create A Language Clinic
  • Create A Culture Clinic
  • Create A World Clinic
  • How To Write Page-Turning Scenes

To get your full class access, including worksheets:

  1. Take screenshots of the purchase details for each class you own from the shop interface where you purchased, making sure to include purchase date purchase number, and class title in your screenshot, (Cover Art helps if included)

  2. Log into your existing member account, or create a free account here
  3. Present your screenshot receipts, along with your account email address, and request to have them added to your account.

You'll be added for no charge. 


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