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The information in this course has been built from my life and experiences, and it is what works for me. While I have made every effort to translate the decidedly quirky workings of one human mind into a process that will be applicable and accessible to other human minds, I cannot guarantee that this course will work for you, or that my processes will be applicable to your needs and purposes. Nor can I guarantee your success. This course is not intended as a source of legal, accounting, medical or other advice, and is written for information purposes only.  While every attempt has been made to verify the information in this course, mistakes happen, and I make them. I will not assume responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. I reserve the right to alter and update this course as my processes change, as I learn new things, and as I improve existing methods.


Products will work on your system and provide the information described on the sales page or your money back, no questions.

60-Day 100% Refund upon request for the following:

  • Professional Plot Outline
  • Mugging the Muse
  • Create A Character Clinic
  • Create A Plot Clinic
  • Create A Language Clinic
  • Create A Culture Clinic
  • Create A World Clinic
  • How To Write Page-Turning Scenes
  • How To Find Your Writing Discipline
  • 7-Day Crash Revision Workshop
  • Any other single-item purchase under $50

14-Day 100% Refund, Followed By Per-Week Pro-Rata Refund on the following:

  • How To Think Sideways: 29 Weeks
  • How To Revise Your Novel: 22 Weeks
  • Any other weekly course.

Works as follows—Through Day 14 including the day you signed up for the course, upon request you will receive 100% of your money back. On Day 15 (once your third lesson becomes available) You will be charged for the first two weeks of lessons, but refunded the third and any remaining that you have paid for.

Once each new lesson appears in your member area, you will no longer receive a refund for the previous lesson.

Live-Online Courses and Classes Are ONLY refundable on a pro-rata basis for days that have not yet been given.

  • How To Write A Series: The HTWAS EXPANSION is NOW in progress as a LIVE COURSE, from dates 4-24-2014 until it is completed. While it is in progress as a Live Course, my working estimate is that it will take 24 content weeks to complete, (I’m not counting writing time-outs) and refunds will be given pro-rata on a percentage of twenty-four weeks UNTIL and UNLESS the course exceeds that. At that point, I’ll re-estimate.)

If you realize you are not going to be able to attend a Live-Online course you have purchased, let me know IMMEDIATELY, and I’ll refund your money or any portion you have not yet attended.

For Questions or Refunds, go to: http://novelwritingschool.com/support/

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