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Mugging the Muse - Writing Fiction for Love AND Money - 2nd Edition

[caption id="attachment_1917" align="alignleft" width="225"]Mugging the Muse: Second Edition Mugging the Muse: Second Edition[/caption] COURSE DESCRIPTION: Starting at the very beginning, learn why YOU write, what you'll love to write, how to write it...and why your writing matters. Your purchase includes DRM-free PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats, and downloadable, printable lesson worksheets.

Want to Get PAID for Writing What You LOVE?

In this collection of thirty-one essays, workshops, quizzes, Q&As, and how-to-do-it articles, novelist Holly Lisle — who went pro with her award-winning first novel, Fire in the Mist, in 1992 and who’s been writing full-time ever since (more than thirty novels published by major publishers, and still writing) offers help, comfort, and wry practical advice to the beginning fiction writer looking for answers. In the second edition of this book, Holly walks writers through Preparation, Practice, Writing & Selling, and Frequently Asked Questions, offering end-of-chapter exercises, workshops, and free downloadable worksheets designed to get the individual writer or members of writers’ groups working productively with publication as the goal. Writing is a learnable skill, not a magical process only those touched by the Book Fairy, or the Muse, can ever reach. If you want to write fiction, you can.

In MUGGING THE MUSE: Writing Fiction For Love AND Money, 2nd Edition, you will:

  • Learn how to prepare to write in SECTION I - Preparation: Mind & Soul, discover your own everyday courage, what dreams cost, what it means to write with integrity, why everyone SHOULDN'T like you, and much more. Then move to...
  • SECTION II -Practice: The Workshops, where you'll where meet real conflict, figure out if you have a realistic understanding of what it takes to be a writer, develop characters, work on your description, and many more essential skills.
  • Then in SECTION III - Writing & Selling, go through separation anxiety with your story, find YOUR themes and your voice, learn the truth about collaborations, find out how to query, and more.
  • SECTION IV - Frequently Asked Questions includes current self-pub info as well as how-tos on dealing with money, treating writing as a business, and the writing process...and more.
  • Finally, in SECTION V - The Bonus Articles, discover my five worst career mistakes (and how you can avoid them), ten keys to writing a series character you can live with forever, and how to make each story you write better than the last.

The Second Edition of Mugging the Muse is updated to include self-publishing information and some new insights on commercial publishing. Upgrade to the class version of this course to go through the workshops, discussions, and quizzes in the private, members-only HTTS Boot Camp writers' community.

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