Find Your Writing Discipline

How To Find Your Writing Discipline

...Even with a job, a life, kids, pets, obligations, hobbies, and all the rest.


A Three-Day Plus 20 Minute Do-It-Yourself Writing Workshop

You want to write. You've always wanted to write. But you:

  • Can't find the time
  • Can't find the initiative
  • Can't find the discipline

... to sit down and create the stories and characters and worlds that you know are inside you.


Here's a secret that can help.

If you're currently making it through the day with a roof over your head, keeping yourself (and those who depend on you) fed and out of trouble, you already have the discipline you need to write and complete books.

You just have to find it.

I can show you how.

  • In TWENTY MINUTES, you'll uncover the reasons that compel you to write---reasons that will get you pumped, get you focused, and give you the leverage you need to write your books.
  • In DAY ONE, you'll discover the time you thought you didn't have; enough of it to complete all the novels, stories, or nonfiction you want to write.
  • And you won't do it by sacrificing time with the people who love you, or time doing the things you genuinely love to do, either.
  • In DAY TWO, in free moments during your busy day, you'll toss out the mental clutter that's keeping you from achieving your dreams, and replace that clutter with the goals that excite you, bring you joy, and feed you.
  • In DAY THREE, you'll learn the system that will get you writing, keep you focused, and let you shoot like an arrow toward the success you want.


Everybody gets the same amount of time each day.

The difference between people who accomplish the things they desire and those who simply wish they could is in learning how to use that time.

I've managed over the years to write more than thirty novels, a whole series of writing courses, all the content for a huge website, and a lot of material no one has ever seen, and I've done it while working as an emergency-room and med-surg RN and as a nursing supervisor, (and raising kids and taking care of my family).

Then, when I went full-time with the writing, I wrote while running a growing writers' community, raising and homeschooling kids, keeping up with hobbies I love, spending time with my family, paying bills, doing housework, and everything else you have to do to get from one end of the week to the next.


If I can do it, you can do it.

Commit to living the life you want to live. Commit to reaching your dreams, and not just dreaming them.

In just a few minutes, you can learn the system that will help you make your dreams into reality.

You can do this,

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How to Find Your Writing Discipline Workshop



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